All Space Marine cards by chapter and character

I was wondering what differences there are between Space Marine chapters when it comes to the card decks, so I collected all the cards for every character. Here they are:

alt text

What I have picked up from the cards alone (not tested yet):

The first card on every character depends on the chosen weapon (where possible).

Blood Angels: good at close combat (duh!). Sergeant and Librarian almost mandatory, Assault good, Apo optional, could do without a Heavy, although some cards let your termies walk through fire so a heavy flamer could be nice.

Dark Angels: good shooting and excellent Librarian (must-pick). Sergeant and Assault might be better with bolters but not must-picks, Apo has some nice cards, Heavy with plasma will shoot for days.

Space Wolves: good at close combat, but better in packs. I would bring Sergeant Librarian and Apo, and potentially ditch the Heavy in favour of 2 Assaults. Sergeant has the only +5AP convert card for Space Marines.

Ultramarines: good at range and at drawing lots of cards. Many cards provide immunity to jams/malfunction. Sergeant not a must-pick, Librarian and Apo look good, Assault better with a bolter, Heavy is alright.

I hope this helps someone! If nothing else, it did help me. Lots of testing to do now... Have fun!

Very nice, thank you!

You should post this on the Steam Forums, lots more activity there.

If you don't have an active Steam account, let me know, and I will post it for you, if you want.

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Aaaaaah, thanks a lot for that... I did feel this forum to be a bit empty... moving to Steam then! Cheers!