Shooting as a Passenger

It'd be really fun to be able to aim out of the car as a passenger. Even though its not the most useful feature, it would be (cough and was cough) extremely enjoyable.

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@pieck it would be cool. You'd have to break your window which would expose the interior more so it'd be a good tradeoff.

Who here actually feels comfortable and safe in the passenger of a technical? I'd rather not be a part of the hot-spot in the battlefield. This is considering the ttk and all. Oh ya, FC5 ride in one all day and catch an army behind you raging your own war. This game, you can see imminent danger but your driver seems to be at bliss with ignorance. Then, catch a well placed bullet to the head. Still, no worries for the driver. This has been my experience in coop so far lol!

@pieck This used to be a thing. I'm not really sure why it isn't anymore.

Before, everyone in a car could use their weapons (although drivers were limited to pistols and maybe SMGs, and couldn't drive with their weapon out), and passengers could press the appropriate lean key to lean out the car, breaking the window in the process. However, vehicle windows essentially did nothing to stop bullets (they weren't bulletproof) so your odds of dying were high, to say the least.

I just noted you said "and was" so you actually already knew this lmao.

This really bothers me. In the alpha (and I think beta 1) you could not only shoot out of the vehicle with any gun, but you could lean outside of it and shoot 360 degrees like in PUBG. Personally I think they should have it so you can fire out the window with any gun, but you could only lean outside of it with a pistol, smg, or maybe a carbine.

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has it been removed that explains why I couldn't do it yesterday lol. you used to be able to lean out of windows ever since alpha1 sad to see it go it was funny to do.

@tooth-decay Wait really? If they had it in as a feature why the fuck would they remove it!?

@amurka They might've taken it out to re-work it, even though I don't see why they would need too. They've taken a lot of backwards steps imo.

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@tooth-decay Wait really? If they had it in as a feature why the fuck would they remove it!?

Yeah, no joke. The lean mechanics were fucking awesome.

I think maybe their reason for removing it was the addition of bulletproof glass on the cars, making Technicals tankier.

That being said mines and RPGs still hard counter vehicles so if anything Techs got a hard nerf.

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They've taken a lot of backwards steps imo.

Tbh, I wouldn't blame NWI for that. The armor nerf (that I still think was a terrible decision) basically happened because the community said armor was extremely overpowered even though it was literally all hitreg problems, and while NWI fixed the hitreg next patch they also decided to nerf armor, turning armor from old-EFT levels of god-tier to Ins2014 levels of complete shit.


EDIT: It was the worst too since I got in the CTA and armor in that version of Sandstorm was nearly perfectly balanced. In fact, I've got more hours logged on the CTA within those 11 days than I do on the Sandstorm Beta that's been out for over a month now. CTA gunplay was the best gunplay.

Tbh, I've probably had more fun in the CTA than in either Beta so far. Plus, it actually ran somewhat-decent even though I actually have a better setup for SS now than back in the CTA days.

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