Barrel attachments don't appear on the weapon model?

(Except for the suppressor, of course.)

Why not? Seems like an odd detail to be missing. I remember in beta 1 the compensator would appear on the weapon model. Why'd they change that?

Feels rather odd that I can attach a long barrel to my weapon and have the barrel length not actually change, or attach the compensator and have to just assume there's something on the end of my muzzle compensating for horizontal recoil.

They couldn't even get scopes to render on dropped weapons, and had the wrong magazines showing for most guns, and also the wrong magazines when they are dropped to the ground. i'm not surprised they are having trouble with this...I assume it will eventually be in the game though.

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i suspect that the models just aren't in yet they probably focused on getting the most obvious one (suppressor) in game first. either way i really want them in.

Yup, I am just curious how the models would look and want to see them come in soon. It was the same thing in ins2 if I remember correctly. I never understood that, model it in or remove it completely right.

@zkws Well, what's weird is that the compensator would appear on weapon models in beta 1.

@quadsword Well, sorta. The compensator would appear and usually clip through the barrel and flash hider on the rifle, so I'm not surprised they removed them until it's working right.