1 thing needed for multiplayer.

Hello, something i would like to see added, should already be available i think. But there should be a way to remove unruly players. Players that are purposely getting in the way or running into others to the point of tipping over. This would be a great thing across all platforms. I am in a Mudrunner community of 4,000 on PS4. Every few weeks 1 to 3 players are mentioning unruly players.

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Hey there,

Thanks for this - I don't believe it's something we have planned, but it is a feature that I can see would be very helpful. I'll pass it along to the team.

@iyagovos hello again, I hope you are this, for hard core multiplayer, or even single player, it would be nice to chose how many points mills require. I would settle for 16 points, but I would love to do 6 trips with long logs.

Hey there,

There isn't currently this option, but I'll pass it along to the team 🙂

@iyagovos thank you, it would be great.