Fear The Wolves - Fourth Update Releases Next Week

Hi everyone,

Fear The Wolves Early Access has started a month and half ago and we'd like to give you an update about how we are doing so far and what's coming soon.

First we'd like to extend a huge thank you to all of you who have played and posted feedback over social media and the official forums - we read all of it and it is the grassroots of our future updates.

We're well aware that the amount of players right now isn't as high as we'd have liked, making it difficult to deliver on the 100-player battle royale experience we had in mind at launch. We've worked a lot in the last weeks to adapt the gameplay and bring you more fluid and intense battles, while also reducing the matchmaking time.

Treasure maps leading to hidden stashes - coming in next week update

In our first update, we introduced small shrinking scenarios adapting the gameplay for smaller pool of players, and update three added the option to queue while spectating. We’ve also worked closely with players to improve the server performance, by finding the best location for our servers in Asia for example. We'll continue to work on delivering a smooth experience to all of you!

Locked buildings that need to be broken open with an axe to uncover high tier loot - coming in next update

The team is carefully crafting new ways to improve the overall flow of the game and bring you a truly unique experience in a decaying Chernobyl. Meaningful changes and updates take time, but we have great expectations with our newest patch to improve mid-game through advanced looting mechanics.

This next update is planned for next week and is packed with content which we’re really happy to share a first glimpse of today:

  • Rework of the shooting feeling based on your feedback
  • A new weapon: DMR SOK-94 for mid to long range combat
  • Locked buildings that need to be broken open with an axe to uncover high tier loot
  • Hidden stashes around the map, accessible through the discovery of treasure maps
  • Improved wolf behavior and rebalanced resistance
  • Dozens of other smaller features and bug fixes

Points of interest have also been reworked in this update, here is a small glimpse at what you will encounter in the Zone moving forwards.

Anomalous Forest

Old Dam


Thanks once again for your support and feedback - we hope to see you soon in game!

The Fear The Wolves Team

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Looks Great speaking of axe chopping i kinda hoped that even regular doors would be able to chop down,tho what you have in plan is also Great.But speaking of the usage of axe,would be also nice to be able to throw it like lets say at the start of the match if you are unable to find a weapon,only axe and yet meet a player completely unarmed trying to get away.To throw it kinda like Thor threw Stormbreaker towards Thanos. xD

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Not sure about an axe for locked places... and only axes? Now primary objective for many will be hunting for an axe?

Hidden stashes, maybe... I think it was fine to hunt for good guns already then focus on not being spotted. Taking too long to find decent stuff may be frustrating, this is not S.T.A.L.K.E.R. so I hope everything is well balanced.

I thought you would focus more on polishing what's already there, not add. Like I see the new look of the axe, that is nice.

Rhialto,axe was meant already for some time also for chopping down stuff like doors as in the future new weather conditions (for example poisonous gas) might come forcing you to get into the building for a shelter tho,it can become uneffective if doors are opened,chopped down or Windows are broken. πŸ™‚ altho,speaking of this game not being a s.t.a.l.k.e.r. game,you have truth,tho only partially,as the game is s.t.a.l.k.e.r. themed maybe also because vostok games staff was once gsc gaming world Γ€or hows the studio called),which are behind s.t.a.l.k.e.r. series itself.

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Yes, and every little thing that makes this game harder is making this game better.

@stemiplays I know there was an axe already, I ever mention it has a new skin which looks great. I was also asking if only the axe could break wood barrier or a few shotgun rounds can also do it but as usual I could not hope to get an answer, they don't interract with the community.

@uwagacyjanki Difficulty level was great to me, anything harder can make it boring to me. I mean you drop, have to rush find stuff and it's a mess if a few are near you could be dead in less than a minute. Then once you are equipped you need to walk you way watching all around because we can die very quickly, sometimes a few it and with having time to react you are dead. Then anomalies, wolves, etc. Enough already to care about until you find the escape spot where you better be cautious.

Thanks a lot ! Great update ! Aspecially cool stuff with the maps, an axe is more needed now, wolves are really strong and ofcourse locations and graphics are cool too Awesome update ! πŸ‘
Like it so much, but now you need more optimization and players online, please πŸ˜‰ 🀟

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@rhialto i have never died so quick, it's strange to hear that, man 0_o
Maybe you need to be more carefully ? Seriously πŸ˜‰
Wolves must be more difficult, i think, this is the culmination of the game (besides the helicopter) and it's a kinda survival game, sooo.... πŸ™‚

More little (but important) things - more fun, guys ! 🐺 πŸ”«

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@rhialto Hey, there are two ways to break wood barrier: axe and explosive grenade!

axe is easier as at each or near such a house there lioes at least one axe.

@chaton said in Fear The Wolves - Fourth Update Releases Next Week:

@rhialto Hey, there are two ways to break wood barrier: axe and explosive grenade!

Make sense...