When are those fabled optimizations coming?

Aliasing is so bad I can't make out targets past 50 meters. They just become a mess of jaggies. The only available AA setting is FXAA which may as well be like covering my monitor in plastic wrap for all the good it does.

Fabled they are indeed. The sad thing is that optimization will be the number one turn off from this game. If people with good hardware can't even run it normally..... oh boy.

@thehappybub I'm just getting fed up with this game in general at this point.

Dying to enemies who have 24/7 intel on you no matter what. Dying to enemies because your game hitched as soon as he started shooting at you. Dying to enemies you can't see because the visuals are absolute shit and make it impossible to see anything past 50 meters. Dying to enemies who head shot you the moment they make eye contact. Dying to enemies head glitching so you can only see the very top of their head while they can see you just fine. Dying to the gun truck because you dared to look at it funny.

Then dying to your teammates because he got angry that you accidentally hit him once or twice or because you're on top of the scoreboard and there's definitely no way you aren't hacking </s>. Then having some no life troll chase you around the map harassing you constantly while there's fuck all you can do about it. Then having 75% of your team rage quit 5 minutes into a match.

It's hard to even have fun anymore between the awful technical problems (3 weeks since the last patch, good lord...) and even worse community.

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@quadsword all of the things you described are absoultely true and happen to me all the time. Its frustrating, but I still keep playing becausd I guess I've adapted to these dumb behaviors and especially in coop play with a certain style that doesn't get me killed.

I agree with you and think its ridiculous that I have to develop counters to stuff I shouldn't.

@thehappybub Co-op just frustrates me way too much now. If I have a really good round, I don't feel like it was because I was doing really well, but simply because I lucked out with the AI.

Number of times I've seen half the team quit out of a co-op match would seem to suggest I'm not the only one who feels this way.

I kept putting off going into PvP since I'm super busy right now and very little time for games, but I'm thinking I might just bite the bullet and grit my teeth through the early game frustrations. At least there I know I died because I was outplayed and not because the bots have 24/7 intel on my whereabouts.

@quadsword Don't forget when you clearing a building and you shoot some dip shit 5 times with an AKM and he two shoots you with a pistol. Or the time when you shoot the enemy commander 8 times in the back of the head from 3 metres behind him and he survives turns around and one taps you.
And then the fact that nerds can just run across an open field now and not die because a fucking rifle takes three shots to kill.
Using the mouse feels as precise as having your hand in a bag full of broken glass because who needs no mouse acceleration and smoothing. Character acceleration looks like a nerd wearing roller skates with a rocket strapped to his arse and hips. And the only guns that have proper TTK for an insurgency sequel is the fucking Toz and M870, btw don't change them its the only time in a game were a shotgun feels real and viable.

Oh and I almost forgot that we still need to change from fullscreen back to windowed then back to fullscreen for the game to run in "true" fullscreen. 11/10

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I haven't had any of the issues you guys are speaking about 😞

I'm not being sarcastic. Maybe it has to do with your system specs?

Patches are going to be quite a ways out my friend. I wouldn't expect any optimization update to drop anytime soon.


I open up steam everyday in hopes that I see a new update for Sandstorm but its been nearly a month and nothing. I'm assuming that they plan on dropping massive patches and not smaller ones.

My understanding from previous communications is that they are now working on moving the game over to an updated version of the engine. Since that's the kind of change that could blow up any optimization work, it makes sense to get it all done first before coming back to continue optimization.

I'm hopeful for a big patch with tons of improvements when it comes.