Back and forth not working?

It only me who feels big difference between real life and MR when it comes to free stuck vehicle? I mean the first and most effective way to do it - to move back and forth, back and forth, b&f...
We use it irl with our personal cars, and we see in in youtube - before using the winch or help from other vehicle - drivers spend many attempts for b&f, and it helps in MOST cases.
In MR it usually useless, you get stuck in the back position, or dont have any inertia in forth to move a bit further.
It seems the mud is too sticky, or too fixed, not allowing to create normal track in the mud.
That do you think?

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I agree, but that is likely caused by current terrain physic. If you are stucked, your wheels are submerged into a terrain, but there are to tire-tracks, at least not a kind you know from your IRL offroading expiriences. All mud have a consistency of pudding, roughly spoken...
it probably can't be helped in current game, we can only hope for improvement in MR2...

@sodoma clear, thx, i have the same feeling.
As for new mud in MR2 - you need to be very careful not to destroy current balance, that we enjoy a lot now. But "ideal" mud is the "final target", and b&f should be there!)

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