Second Update is live!

Dear Community,

We’re very thankful for your feedback and support since the First Update Patch. We continue to work on game balance, bugfixes and gameplay improvements, to provide the best experience possible when the game launches on October 9th.

You can see the launch trailer here:

Youtube Video

Today, we’re happy to share with you the details of the Pre-Order Beta Second Update Patch. It features plenty of balance changes, bugfixes and gameplay improvements. Please find the details below.

Balance changes:

  • All cards that affect “the next action” won’t expire at the end of your turn. The effect stays active until consumed by an action.
  • The Apothecary “Lock door” ability now costs 0 AP (Action Point).
  • The Axe Challenging psy power now costs 1 PP (Psy Point) instead of 2, according to the description displayed on the action tooltip for Librarian.
  • Re-added the console and its links on Darakin
  • Re-added the links between the console and the door on Khitor


  • Pre-Order DLC is now available
  • Auto-camera handling during opponent’s turn has been improved.
  • Special rules from the current map are now displayed in-game below the objectives.
  • In-game objective display has been improved.
  • The map legend that appears when your hand of cards is displayed has been improved
  • Tweaked the “Disengage Genestealer” button
  • Improved AI to better handle Console-Door links
  • Added icons for all interactive objects when an action is prepared, instead of only using the door one.
  • Added a new dodge animation for Genestealers.
  • Improved the Genestealer campaign intro cutscene.


  • Fixed the warp bubble not activating in certain situations
  • Fixed a crash due to corrupted customisation save data
  • Fixed the Guard stance gained from a card not showing in the info tab
  • Bonuses to shooting will now also affect move and shoot actions.
  • Fixed certain cards using incorrect icons
  • Fixed decoy blips not gaining 2 AP with the Screamer Killer card.
  • Fixed typos and overlap in various texts and languages
  • The “Next frontal attacker is killed” card will now display the correct icon on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue where actions wouldn’t correctly display in the gameplay log
  • Fixed an issue where text was missing in the gameplay log
  • Fixed an issue where icons were missing in the gameplay log
  • Tutorial tooltips will no longer display during cutscenes
  • Fixed the Terminator card UI breaking when playing a card
  • Fixed patterns and emblems not correctly displaying on Hands, Lightning, Claws and Bolters.
  • Mission Editor: Removed the option to set Doors, Consoles, Turrets and Rubble as indestructible
  • Fixed the Genestealer animation when running under Assault Cannon overwatch
  • Corrected an issue where the Dark Angel heavy was able to remove his Eye implant

We look forward to your feedback about this new update for the Beta. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about what you play, and as always please let us know if you encounter any technical issues.

Space Hulk: Tactics Team

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@chaton said in Second Update is live!:

Pre-Order DLC is now available

Where do we see the pre-order DLC? Cannot see any new skins at the Customizer.

I unfortunately think that they mean the options to make the second founding chapters are in the customisation menu.

You have create it piece by piece in and the only thing that is unlocked , i.e. the "DLC" are the emblems for those second founding chapters are now unlocked. And color for the space wolves

However this still doesn't work for the Angles Sanguine or the Novamarines as the Upper Arms/Thighs selections still does not allow for proper color split.

Is this a minor thing, sure it is.

Is one of the major reasons I preordered the ability to play as a chapter that is rarely represented in the video games? Sure is.

Am I currently disappointed? Indeed.

Is it my fault for pre-ordering? Absolutely.

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@chaton said in Second Update is live!:

  • Mission Editor: Removed the option to set Doors, Consoles, Turrets and Rubble as indestructible

I understand that Consoles, Turrets and Rubble can be destructible, but why the Doors ? We lost some tactical options with this update 😞
How do we force the use of a console to open a door if they are all destructible ?
Is it because the AI currently doesn't handle doors linked to consoles and gather stupidly in front of them ?
We lost the only way to simulate the bulkhead door as we have in the boardgame...

Wow, a lot of stuff. Will these bug fixes & improvements make it to the Xbox One version Day 1?

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Is this update going live on Console? specifically Xbox1