CCL XII is the first listed competition in the league

Is there a reason for that?

I played some games in CCL recently and it seems, that there are quite a lot of noobs in CCL. This isn't a problem, if the noobs know the difference between CCL and COL and willingly decide to play CCL. However, this doesn't seem to be the case for all: I just had a game against a coach with the sad game history of 2-1-12. He seemed to be rather frustrated with the skill-level of his opponents. Thus, I had to explain him the difference between CCL and COL and warn him, that his team will get banned soon (since he had more than 5 concessions).

Overall, I think it would be better if COL was the first competition in the list to avoid such frustrating moments (games & bans) for newer players.

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That's odd: COL should be first. We experimented with CCL being first back in season 2 or 3, and it did not go well. It would explain the large numbers of people we're needing to ban though...

@Netheos can you take a look please?

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Hello, it shouldn't be the case. As Dode said, we tried that in the past and the results weren't good. Either it's a mistake at the creation of the competitions, or it's a bug which changed the position of the competitions, but we probably can't change the order of the competitions until the next season. I'll ask if that's something possible to do from the server but I doubt it.

I just checked on PC and for me the order goes Champion Ladder, Anarchy Ladder, then Open Ladder with a new team.

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