Unusable aimpoints

Aimpoints in this game are extremely blurry. Holo sight and kobra sight projects cover up too much of what your aiming at. 2x red dot is even worse. Its not "realistic" as real sights bleed over much less than in sandstorm.

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I've been posting about the scope perspective in this game. It's terrible.
An optic sight picture should be similar to that of the iron sight one. Unfortunately they do what almost every other FPS game does, zoom in to the scope itself. So now not only is the scope bigger than it really is but visually it looks like you have your cheek sitting on the action of the firearm instead of the stock.

But atleast they have the optic's magnification and your eyes field of view set apart regardless of the zoom when aiming. COD and BF titles still don't bother with that.

im biggest issue it the eotech holo, as u say the reticle is too fuzzy and too large/thick to be competitive with the other RDS's

AFAIK they're porting the game to a new version of Unreal Engine? So I imagine making complaints about current visuals might be pointless.

@amurka I'm not sure this effects the actual assets they are using though :o

On the EoTech the graininess and slight fuzziness of the reticle is realistic, but the lines and dot are too thick. The reticle overall should be thinner and a bit more crisp. The Aimpoint dot hasn't bothered me, I don't think it's too far off reality.

One big issue, as @sharpeyehodgey rightly says, is that the aiming motion brings the eye too close to the sight. This causes the sights and reticles to become unrealistically large on the screen, which makes the thickness and blurriness stand out even more. Both the EoTech and Aimpoint reticles should appear to be about half the size they currently are.

On a totally nit-picky note; only the "red-dot" is actually an Aimpoint. Aimpoint is a specific optics manufacturer. All the other 1X optics in the game are of other makes.

@amurka said in Unusable aimpoints:

AFAIK they're porting the game to a new version of Unreal Engine? So I imagine making complaints about current visuals might be pointless.

WHAT??? Theyl're upgrading the entire engine??? I definitely haven't heard about this, but i'm highly intrigued. I figured they'd be building this off the most current version of Unreal Engine to begin with. If you got some links or something i'd love to give it a read. I'll start looking into it myself in the meantime.


They can make it not-fuzzy/not-blurry if they wanted too, it's not like they don't know how to utilize images/sprites/textures. The unreal engine and it's current version has nothing to do with why it's so blurry, it's simply just the way they have designed the cross-hair.

@lordsiggi It's in the release date announcement: https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/29907/new-release-date-in-december?page=1

I also doubt the engine update has much to do with the issue - other than it's diverting dev time away from making relatively minor changes like this.

Yup. Also made a thread about this, if you care to support : https://forums.focus-home.com/topic/29681/blurry-aimpoints

The more we are to point that out, the more likely it is to get fixed in the next updates.

TBH, I think all aimpoints should be redesigned. None of them look realistic, which is a shame. Most of them are still usable, with the exception of the holo sight which makes aiming harder that with iron sights, but none of them look authentic imo.

Oh, by the way... Would be nice to be able to change aimpoints' colors from amber (holo sight) to red and green too. It could help a lot of color blind people, while still being realistic. Plus, it'd be a cool feature to have.

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@grumf I'm not sure what your idea of "realistic" is. None of the existing reticules are all that far off from their real world counterparts, and neither an Aimpoint nor EoTech has the ability to change reticule color. I actually am not aware of any military sights with the ability to switch color, though some are available with multiple reticle colors or styles, the choice is permanent.

I paid some close attention to the EoTech last night while playing, it's not as far off as I had thought size-wise. The circle should be about the height of a person at 100 yards, not that we really have those kinds of distances to play with, it seems close-ish. It's hard to say with any certainty if the Aimpoint dot is too big or not, since real Aimpoints are available with different sized dots.

@maa_bunny The colour changing idea was from the last Q&A video from NWI's channel on YT. Alex thought it was cool, and told the guy in the chat to write that down in the forums. Which he didn't, apparently. I mentionned it because of this, not because it would be realistic. The holo sight should be red anyway, if we're talking about realism. The change of colour was requested by colour blind people that are having trouble seeing reticles. By "still being realistic", I meant that the red and green colours are the ones used for real reticles, so it would still be at least "credible". I don't want purple, blue, rainbow etc reticles in the game, so I just mentionned red and green.

You can have a look at my thread to get how Ins:Sandstorm isn't being realistic with their reticles. Aimpoint is okay-ish. Looks a bit too soft and fuzzy compared to the real deal. Kobra is good, but the bleeding light makes it look like brightness is not properly adjusted. Same for the holo sight, but that one is even worse since it makes it almost useless. Not only it is the wrong colour, but the bleeding light effect makes it really hard at acquiring targets at medium and long range. OKP-7 is quite alright. My favorite atm, in fact.

@grumf Ahh, that's a good point, I didn't catch that. I suppose enabling different color blindness modes could just be a setting somewhere.