Trail mode for future sandbox maps

Hey guys,

I Was thinking today about where mudrunner 2 may take us. I have an idea I hope the devs get a chance to hear.

I play on console so my perspective is from that frontline but basically have a trail mode on your future sandbox maps. You design the map with how you already do things, logs and mills and kiosks, but design a trail that runs through the map. So when playing in normal mode there is just a tight tricky trail running through that doesn’t necessarily influence the logging aspect.

However when you start trail mode you start at one end of the trail and have to complete it in your selected vehicle. Have checkpoints along the trail so you gotta stay on it and possibly time it with leaderboards for individual trucks on each map.

I’m not suggesting a race mode or any other change to physics/speeds of the game in fact I think the slow feel of things would be awesome in this mode.

Just a fun thought I had to create replay value and sry if this has been mentioned before. I hope the devs get a chance to see this and thank you as always for this great gaming experience

This is a good idea. Heads up devs!

@stirmygnat worst idea iv ever heard sorry

I'd vote for huge maps where you can find everything. From trails to asphalt roads. Mud, swamps... everything. I'd like them to implement maybe three locations... let's say... Syberia, USA and Australia and only one huuuuge map for each location with several small towns, woods, lakes, rivers.... you know...
That'd nail it for me. Then just add objetives to earn money and Garages on the little towns and stores tu buy new trucks. Maybe something like "Uncle Williams Garage" where you can go and repair your trucks/cars and customize them. Everything in a very rustic way.


Thanks for your feedback. I thought this would be a fun way to add depth to the maps while ustilizing assets already in the game. I’m also getting the feeling there is something else to american wilds that they haven’t announced yet. 3/7 of the vehicles are scouting trucks and the info is conflicting on whether we are getting 7 or 9 vehicles plus the rate of info being dropped Doesn’t add up to release in my opinion. We already got presentations on both maps and 5/7 vehicles, how are they gonna keep up with announcements with only 2 vehicle presentations left?

I’m getting the vibe these maps may have a bit more of a trail riding aspect than previous maps. In my mind that makes sense with so many scout vehicles but I’m most likely getting ahead of myself and I’m kinda rambling now. It just seems odd to have so many announcements drop so early. Do you think they are holding something back?

That would be rad and the potential for this game is huge. A currency system would be amazing and an open world type map would be great too but I’m a bit skeptical with that kind of detail being implemented. My main point in this post was that something along the lines of trail mode wouldn’t need more assets really, they already have timers and starting points, just gotta plan ahead thevtrail route in map design and create a checkpoint of types which I think would be easy since they already have triggered areas with fuel stations, kiosks, mills and garages.

But to add to a wishlist, I want more co trip on difficulty. The ability to increase log requirements and increase fuel consumption rates. That would create a ton of replay for me.

Many good points from everybody...except one, the topic starter - make MR like Forza Horiz...stuppid arcade elements (like checkpoints race) ruined great idea to transfer perfect forza msport into open world...

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My point was never to mirror horizon. I dont want that at all. I only mentioned checkpoints so it forces the trail route and thought why not have a leaderboard or simply a time goal for the trail to create a challenge.

@stirmygnat leaderboard is good...i will be among leaders in time spent, fuel burned and mileage)) 🏞

@stirmygnat I think that's not a bad idea.If you consider that you start at point A at the trail and first thing that you have to do is to load your truck very fast then proceed to the first big mud hole that you have to cross with a fully loaded truck and every time you use a winch you get +0.5 seconds added to your total time and next thing could be a really steep downhill full with rocks with a massive bend where you have to really slow down just because not to tip over and not to damage your truck because damage will be considered in total score!
This kind of a trail mode ???