I'm having blast playing the game.

I love a lot of the things about it, e.g. staged magazine reloads are sooo awesome. I haven't seen this in any other game, but it makes sense and is pretty great quality of life detail.

I also like the drastic reduce in recoil when you crouch - I think trading your movement speed and agility for recoil is a really good mechanic.

The only major & minor gripes I have with it are as follow. Sorted by level of importance for me, from top to bottom.

  • "Versus" Matches are waaay too short and I feel like I need to find new matches way too often and sometimes I can't really properly "get into" the game. Solution for this maybe could be adding more waves (x2 or x3 times more) or rounds.

  • Scopes reticles (especially red dots) are too blurry/fuzzy and have jagged edges. It's hard to aim with them.

  • This is very annoying. In match - score table view (TAB key) position should always be synced with the waves counter in the very bottom of the screen. E.g. when I'm playing insurgents, score table view shows insurgents on the left, but the waves counter shows insurgents on the right. (I think this problem is irrelevant to how the "Relative Team Colors" setting is set, it happens either way with it ON or OFF)

  • Weapons in general don't feel that balanced.

  • Weapon attachment should have better descriptions or stats modifiers should be shown. E.g. what does Flash Hider does? I know it hides flash, but the effect is actually so negligible or actually nonexistent (at least from my observation) that I think it at least modifies weapon recoil/spread stats maybe? Also, there should be shown stats modifiers for compensator/silencers/etc.

  • In spectator more - low quality scopes are broken - they are always zoomed out

  • Small thing, but it would be cool to see your player legs.

  • In COOP mode one time (I think the map was "Summit") - AI was right on the one of the middle spawn points and droppped everyone that was spawning. Because after you spawn - you need to reload your weapon. Either spawn with loaded weapon or add some spawn protection while your player reloads. Or fix AI so it won't come to your spawn point.