my folder is destroyed

![0_1516469210426_first.jpg](Uploading 100%) my mudrunner folder is effed up. it has all the media folder stuff FROM the Editor, and each file is repeated 3 to 4 times . it has all of my Editor models, levels, ect. in it.
i went thru and wiped everything mudrunner from my PC and reinstalled ( 4 times now). and the courpurt MR stays the same!! is MY game on a cloud somewhere? i want to clear it and start fresh. i'm already getting the sweats from lack of mudrunnering.. HELP.. ty rufus! .....WHY CAN'T I UPLOAD A SCREENSHOT, "NOT ENOUGH PRIVILEGES" WTF IS THIS

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TY Marck- tried that a few times.
i've been poking at this for quite a while now, not having much computer knowledge, my best guess is that it is with the Winrar thing . it keeps putting folders/files "in between"
ie; the main game folder has- media, texture cache, mesh cache, etc.. and then I..
:: click on the media and it Should goto the next folder, with - billboard, classes, levels, etc.:: it doesn't it opens a folder that has every file/folder that is the game and in the editor, And they a repeated 2 to 4 times over. plus, the files will Not open. click on levels nothing.. click on billboards nothing happens again,

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