If everything is getting wiped could we at least get a beta tester badge or something(+more questions)

I know everything is getting wiped blah blah, would be cool if we could get a beta tester icon though, i take it we also lose our hours played in steam right?

Pretty sure hours played on Steam is a Steam-side thing, I'm not sure the Devs have the ability to change that.

I'm not aware of any official communication about how wiping our progress will go now that the release date has been pushed back. Wiping out a few weeks of play is one thing, I don't know if they'll wipe out a few months of play.

@maa_bunny I’m pretty sure they still will but I was thinking it would be cool that if you made it to at least say level 20 maybe 30 we got gifted a few customization credits. Not a ton maybe 600 to buy some shoes and a shirt lol. I dunno wishful thinking. (Maybe a timed XP boost)!

@maa_bunny Didn’t really mean to link that to you! Either way really hope your at least right about the hours played!

gold plated AR/AK skin XD that would make me happy, gold Makarov for sure

ALPHA/BETA tag next to your name in game (toggleable of course), Weapon skin that only we got, badge that shows up somewhere on our character (kinda like a police badge), customization credits, xp/credit booster, all of these are great ideas for rewarding or thanking alpha and beta testers. Shows the devs care and appreciate us 🙂

I mean if beta testers get to stroke themselves, I wanna stroke myself for being a CTA tester too...

It'd be cool if moral patches were implemented eventually. Then it'd be doubly cool to get a special "beta tester" one.

Tripwire gave everyone who played Killing Floor 2 during early access unique skins for the 9mm pistol and a unique armor set. Little things like that go a long way toward making your community feel appreciated.