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Today, while playing Summit Push, I respawned and I was not on the overview map and I had the warning on my screen to get back to my team even though I was running with them. Also, it said I had 13xx seconds to get back and it kept counting up. And I could of course not shoot. Sometimes I dont respawn at all. I was not out of bounds at any time!

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@byby The game has major issues with spawning. I get not spawned in with my team quite often and remain dead watching the majority of my team spawn in (sometimes it happens to others too and we complain together while dead that we were not spawned in with the rest of the wave) and then we must now wait more than the normal 30 something seconds because there aren’t even enough dead people for the game to start the count down for the next respawn wave. This has happened to me at the very start of a match where it spawned me in the chaos of tk’ing in the prematch only to not spawn me once the real match actually starts. This has also happened at the end of a match when my team is out of reinforcements and I don’t get spawned in with the last remaining wave and now have to watch my team very slowly play out the rest of the match which most of the time ends in failure and defeat.