I have played Sandstorm for some time now, and I love it. The graphics and the gunplay are amazing.
Let me first write down some specs from my pc:
8gb ddr3 ram
GTX 960 (latest drivers)
Ethernet (14ms ping / 200mbps down / 20mbps up)

The games load very slow, even when the game is set to low.
Sometimes I have to wait until they have taken objective B, because my loading took too long.
Other than that, a lot of assets are taking long to load.
When I enter the game, rocks are just one colored meshes, heads or torsos are missing, etc. (pictures below)
Next to local loading, I have a lot of rubber banding. Suddenly I'm at the other side of the street, eventhough I went into a house.

I hope the game will have better loading and better networking when it comes out, because I want to love this game, instead of just liking it.