Turn off friendly fire or punish TK

Just got the game, played two games, got teamkilled both games, Fun! Maybe turn off friendly fire or ban Team Killers just a suggestion, not a great community for a successful game.

Right now you'll get kicked after 3 team kills. There's a lot of discussion right now about this system.

@maa_bunny said in Turn off friendly fire or punish TK:

Right now you'll get kicked after 3 team kills

It's not consistent though, they have to be in rapid succession which is unrealistic. But as you said, there's a lot of topics on this so yeah.

I can't imagine that this is something that they would leave as is without an alteration to the penalty / mechanic at some point soon.

I think a sensible thing is to give the TKed player an the option to forgive the tk. If the person doesn't actively choose to forgive, the killed skip the next spawn wave he/she is in queue for and get a + 1 in the TK counter. TKs within X seconds in spawn should be reflect damage and no other punishment.

What to do with the TK counter is imo more up for debate. Maybe with 3+ or so on TK counter, he /she is kicked from the server. If a person is kicked like this twice in a short amount of time, there is a short ban on NWI servers or something.