Hit Reg.?

Does the hit reg. need some work or is it just me? Does anyone have any videos showing this problem, if there is one?

@burgrat wouldn't you be the correct person to ask for videos, since you are the one experiencing it?

Hitreg seems pretty fine to me since the update some time ago.

@benz i would like to record but never tried to do it. Would it make my game?

@burgrat Yes the game definitely has some hit reg issues from time to time. Game is far from working as intended atm.

I feel like there's hitreg issues. Whether that's true or not, something's off if so many people are experiencing weird behavior.

The fact that I had to empty a mag of .308 into somebody running along a fence line to kill them probably means there's some hit reg issues. don't forget the close range Toz to the chest, that was funny.

@zucchini that might be because when a bullet hits say, the little wire of a chainlink fence, it acts as if it hit a steel plate. Even if like the side of the bullet hits the little wire .. nope. Also dumb considering that everything should cut straight through a fence unless its like wrought iron or something.

@thehappybub ohhhh my god that was my favourite pet peeve with INS2, a fucking plywood staircase can block a spitzer shaped lump of lead moving 3550fps my arse.

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