Insurgency Sandstorm Community

Hello and thanks for reading. A few friends and I have founded an amazing gaming community called Sherpa Cartel, We are 1,000+ members strong and growing daily. (server details below). We offer voice and text channels for a variety of games including but not limited to EFT, SCUM, R6S and Hunt. All activity on the server is comprehensive and organized specific to the users game of choice and offer Unlimited voice channels as to not cap player use.
Our community focus is to create a friendly and non-toxic environment that aims at helping new players to a game and connecting them with fans and friends. We have a lot of really skilled players willing to lead along with a devoted staff that works hard to deliver a quality atmosphere. Administration provides the server with events and raffles to keep up community moral and to deliver friendly competition and offer IRL and digital prizes. We have zero restrictions from joining our community and welcome all gamers to join the family.

Name: Sherpa Cartel

Unlimited Voice Channels

Regions: US/ CA/ OC

Languages: English

Requirements: None. We welcome all gamers to join the family.


@yurfajah your discord has no channels for people who play this game ! Where do We go ? I joined and clicked on Tarkov, R6S, and ARMA 2 because i play, but this game is my main game !