Circle safe zone mechanic - (especially for this game will be great) - because the quadrant for 10 players is not working good.

Loot - at one place, same house (yellow zone), sometimes I find like 3 8x zoom; 1 2x zoom and an uzi; sometimes I find like a lot of weapons but not a single holo.

Hud Scale - on 1280x1024 full screen - map is hiding gear stats. It's annoying.

Weather - When It's rainy day and you're in the house there are still water drops on the player's face.

Player and wolves movement - feels laggy, I play on 60 fps constantly and 30 ping but when a wolf or a player is running the animation is not smooth.

Performance - On 60fps and 30ping the game is not feeling that smooth it is supposed to be.
Random fps drops.
Random crashes on the loading screen (antycheat ?)
When deploying from the airplane the game freezes.
When traveling in the airplane the game freezes.
I found I can stuck on the map (I can go there and photo the place).

Visuals - We need clear vision. Even on high the game is looking bad. LOD or something.
There are quadrants that are not loading when I'm flying in the airplane.

Weapons - Feels good, but I'm sure it can be times better than now:)

S.T.A.L.K.E.R - I'm not feeling I'm really in the zone. I Have a lot of hours in Shadow of Chernobyl and Clear Sky, I know the zone so perfect I don't even need bolts or detectors to survive, I know the zone possibilities but FtW is not happening in the zone around Chernobyl. So sad 😞

Anyway, the game is great, the mechanics with the weather and wolves is good innovation, spectators can vote for the weather, there is only one guy evacuating.
Good hunt, developers !

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