Overtime not starting after a 1-1 result on best of 3 competition

I am an admin in my league, the last 2 games played for other players have been 1-1 results at full time, in a best of 3 competition. Overtime should have been required for both games, but instead the game just ends recording a 1-1 draw. This is not right. Have not included crash logs, as the game did not crash, just not expected behaviour. Please advise if you require logs - I was simply spectating the game on CabalTV, so can show you the reply if needed.

Focus Team

Hello, what's the competition type? (Round Robin, Knockout...)

Focus Team

Since it's a Round-Robin, it seems to work as intended.
You can have a draw in a RR competition, overtime is only used in Knockout because there has to have a winner to progress.

Oh right - this makes sense. Thanks for your reply! Will make sure I use the knockout format next time. Please mark this as closed 🙂

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