Console Version and Film grain.

Hey guys at Cyanide and congrats on the launch!

The ps4 version works great so far on a ps4 pro and a 4k tv. The gameplay is smooth and I havent noticed any gameplay related bugs so far. However I have two things to mention:

The first one is a minor visual issue when a genestealer blip is revealed: the animations of the floor door or vent shaft opening is very stuttery and low framerate while the genestealer itself is fluid and smooth.

The second one is the film grain and/or the type of post AA used in the title. The issue isnt noticable much from first person, but it is visually detracting when in overhead view overlooking a terminator.

The issue is the appearance if a certain smear over the model. Said smear can be seen on moving limbs and models themselves. It kind of resembles a heat warping effect and is grainy to boot. This visual artifact is not apparent on level geometry itself.

An option to disable film grain if present and post AA would be a good move to make justice to the Game's otherwise gorgeous visuals.


Hey there,

I'll pass this feedback along to the team, thanks so much for posting it.