[PS4] AI not advancing towards player and stuck behind locked door


I created a map where the player can either use a console to unlock a door, or take a detour to remove some rubble and end up on the other side. However the AI does not seem to realize the alternative route, even after the player removed the rubble. Instead they are queueing up behind the locked door. There is also an alternative spawn point in that area next to a turret where the turret can shoot at one of the spawn points but not the other. For some reason the AI does not consider both spawning points at all. Only when the first spawn area is literally filled with blips does the AI use the other spawn points.

Here is a video showing this. The locked door is the one on the right. The alternative route is at the bottom of the map where also the two other spawnpoints are next to the turret. The player is to the right of that door.
Youtube Video

Maybe you find some time to take a look.


Thats a bit werd. I find the AI is normaly ok with multiple roads though maps. any Chance you could post the map layout as well? might give a clearer idea of what is going wrong.