Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the K-9000 Forwarder!


American Wilds is a new DLC coming to MudRunner Fall, 2018! This large DLC will introduce brand new content to the game, including several new vehicles, two new maps and a whole new location - The United States of America!

Today, we're very excited to be talking to you about the K-9000 Forwarder!

MudRunner - American Wilds releases on October 23rd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One and comes to Nintendo Switch on Nintendo 27th!

Vehicle Description

A powerful working vehicle, the K-9000 Forwarder is a loader that you can rely on to move not only logs, but vehicles that may get trapped in treacherous terrain.

Game Stats:

The K-9000 has always on differential lock, as well as all-wheel drive availability.


Featuring a loading crane and an integrated cart, the Forwarder is more than prepared for log collection, and with its powerful engine and large wheels, is able to do so on any terrain.


The K-9000 is a powerful vehicle, but that power comes at the price of speed and maneuverability. The K-9000 is locked behind balance points.


  • Loader - Allows Scavenge Logs to be collected
  • Fuel Trailer - Contains 1800 liters of Fuel
  • Medium Log Trailer - Can carry Medium Logs
  • Utility Trailer - Contains 600 Repair Points, and 2 Garage Points
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I cannot wait. Super exited, great lineup devs!!!

Dang, now all we need is a feller buncher and we'll be a full swing operation.

Which type of logs can the forwarder load up without the medium log trailer?
Just short logs or also medium logs?


They said short on discord this morning

:)))) juicy stuff, im telling just u adding skidder and forwarder will increase sales at least 30% man

@zamal Right, I think: many new cool machines without a license and new game mechanics >>>>>>>>>> few ordinary boring licensed trucks

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These forwarders are used at extreme extreme terrains, no trucks and others allowed. Only ponsse harvesters.
So we need new mud type - "impossible type"

And there are ponsse forwarders (like ours) with wood cutter addons like on harvesters...

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I think it looks more like the CAT 584

alt text

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You mean a Ponsse Scorpion King. It’s a Harvester

Actually scorpion king has different chassis, its huge, cab in the middle.
I meant ergo 8w, yes its a harvester, but chassis are similar to forwarder, you need to turn your chair around to operate "ALL in ONE" wood cutter.

I was at a big limber contest, and these scorpions turn the living tree to regular clean log in less than a minute.

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The scorpion king is an absolute beast, and with a competent operator they can clear some serious acreage before morning coffee break.

@stazco said in Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the K-9000 Forwarder!:

And there are ponsse forwarders (like ours) with wood cutter addons like on harvesters...

alt text

scorpion sounds fun, but i think for Devs to put that in, they need completely new game mechanic for it made from scratch, like they did with scavenge, i dont know how that would fit the mudrunner general theme of collecting logs and delivering them, if u could cut down trees anywhere.... UNLESSssss.........

there was different types of trees (LOAD), that grow on different locations and should be delivered to specific lumber mill, which are scattered around map

for example: Iv got Pine or Birch that are located at point A and lumber mill which is asking for it is at point C, so i would take scorpion alongside with any 4point lumber truck (in this case), drive them both to location, cut down 3 medium sized logs of birch, (there could be new mechanic implemented in which u would need to measure size of tree and cut down exactly the size u need Short, Medium or Long logs) then load them up on Truck and deliver it to lumber mill thats demanding Birch load "specifically" and is situated at point C, in between there could be swamp or mud pit, i dont know some kind of difficult Terrain to cross...

No, but seriously DEVs would need to sit down and REALLY Think the shit out of that in order to make sense to gameplay and at the same time be enjoyable and fun, but wev got long way to go before achieving that LOL maybe in MR 2

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@zamal i dont expect harvesters in game actually...especially scorpion type. I meant this:
alt text
It has similar chassis with k-9000, looks like junior version of scorpion for smaller trees.

But its clear that if we have cut mechanics - than only in mr2, as an option for hardcore+.
But its not top priority- better to invest time in mirrors, rain, snow, career mode, etc)))

What you talk about - sort of trees - i already implemented!))
I name eack kiosk as pine, oak, fir, and each mill (independent from each other) demand one load of each sort (3+4+6).
So even if i use train for example 2 shorts, i visit 2 mills, unloading one load per mill. Looks reasonable)

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Cool idea... saw trees... get rhem with the forwarder...and bring it with trucks somewhere

Have to ask the Author of this mod if its possible to take the fallen trees...nit really try it yet... if some one can make an saw addon to vehicles... and we have a new game mode...

Honestly, not feeling much for this vehicle, the skidder pretty much does what this one can and a little more.