Vehicle Presentation - Introducing the K-9000 Forwarder!

Why is there no work lights on the K-9000 Forwarder and K-8900 Skidder.
When operating the crane in advance mode we can't see anything in the dark.
And it should have lights on the crane arm, cant see anything in the night. Originally they have several 1000 meter's lights around the cabin, so the driver can see everything. The same with reverse lights.
And the Front blade on both K-9000 and K-8900 should have opportunity to lower and lift when driving. Have some kind of external manage control. Instead of having to stop,adjust it and move few meters, and then stop and adjust again.

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Hi, new user here. I'm on the PS4 and do not have the option to install a blade on the forwarder. Do you guys have the blade on the other platforms?

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I Play on PC and itโ€™s the same - no blade

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Hmmm strange it says here.

Front Blade - Allows the movement of mud in front of the vehicle
Loader - Allows Scavenge Logs to be collectedFuel Trailer - Contains 1800 liters of Fuel
Medium Log Trailer - Can carry Medium Logs
Utility Trailer - Contains 600 Repair Points, and 2 Garage Points

Forwarder dont have blade.
Skidder - have it

@stazco Correct, this is an error on my side and has now been corrected

Hei. Could you please fix reverse lights and work light when using advanced mode/operate crane. It's the same issue's on both trucks, Forwarder and Skidder.
And one more thing
I was using the Chevrolet Bison with fully loaded Fuel Semi Trailer attached, and it did detached from the Fifth Wheel. The trailer did lean to much forward, like it was to heavy in front of the Kingpin and did make it impossible to reattach. And the Support Feet/Parking Support's did bending backwards.
Don't know if any other players have experience the same.

@dragonb1988 I can pass it along to the team ๐Ÿ™‚

@dragonb1988 true, I've found myself using the blade as a ancor more then a pushing tool

That's great. Thanks for answering. Looking forward to some improvements. It's not always the big changes that's are most important, some times the small annoying things are just as or even more important. Hope you and the team can do something about it.

Is there ever going to be a patch or a update to fix the small issue's that have been discovered on the American Wild DLC, like work lights and semi trailer's that are front heavy and tilting forward, making it very hard to reattach to the trailer hitch.

Or does the creation and development of Mudrunner 2 take all of the work hours. So there's no time left fix previous small mistakes/glitche's or improve earlier Spintires Mudrunner DLC. Since the Team probably is going to use many of the old code settings in Mudrunner 2.(hope for the sake of the god's, that they are using 64 bit based system)

Sorry is I'm sounding mean, despicable, disrespectful and criticizing.
But there is MANY people, gamer's, mod tweaker'sand mod creator's that you, Pavel and your Team have around for support. And are more then willing to help you guys.
But we all see what potential of your product and want to make the best off-road simulator game that's possible. So I sincerely hope that when you are saying that YOU are bringing it up to the Team, all of you are considering what we are saying and want to put some of our ideas into the game in a form of a patch or an update.

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