big bug on Multiplayer xbox one

Hi ive been playing against my friend on space hulk and for some odd reason he was killing my guys but on my screen he had no one around me ,then the game ended saying he slayed all my guys,ive video proof this was not the case,we tryed on all multi platforms and the result was the same. so even if your both in the same game you are actualy playing on ye own. so ranked,private and public multi player is broken.


Thanks for this, I'm going to pass it along to the dev team.

Hello, we're aware of a possible bug on public matches (the Terminator roster is not well synchronized so the 2 players ends by seeing different things) but the bug shouldn't be here in Ranked match.

Are you sure you got it on a Ranked match? Can you be more precise about what happened?
Thanks a lot!

@iyagovos thx very much,we realy love the game,just needs this fixing asap.

@focus_guillaume ok the start of game was working fine but at the end i had 3 marines left just about to exit for the win,but on my friends screen he had killed all but one,i had 1 turn left to exit there was no gene stellers around me,then my friend said he killed my last guy and then the game ended. we also didnt get a ranked score.

Were you on Ranked mode (from the Quickmatch menu) or in a friendly match (from the Skirmish menu)?

To avoid this issue in friendly match, it's better to wait that you're both connected in the lobby before choosing your roster.

the ranked match was on quick match mode and the others were on create match,using private and public. hope this helps.