VGPurist gone?

Hi all - anybody know why VGPurist has stopped streaming Champions Cup games? None on youtube since 3 weeks ago? And nobody else seems to have picked up the baton.

Yes, the original admins have stepped aside & we have a new gang now for PC.

Wow. OK. Anybody posting CC games to youtube now?


I have an official complaint. Sooo, I got banned from champ ladder 19. I'm back after about a year being gone because personal things. Worked Saturday morning at the sawmill, only threw about 10k feet of boards easy day but long week. go home have a drink play a game and win. Then I fall asleep for a few hours.

Oops, apparently I was spinning with my 1-0 underworld team. Caught a loss because I was afk. Now I'm banned from the league. ruined 3 teams because I cannot even enter them into open league. I gave someone a free win, so doct me for a concession if you will (I never concede in champ ladder). But, whatever volunteer decided to ban me is not following the league rules.

I didn't get any email, don't even know what forum to state my case on. This is an abuse of power by a moderator. I request to be allowed to be reinstated. Also, without an appeal process I request the banning overlord to be removed from his position.

Well, just to be clear, not all of the original admins have stepped aside. i am still one of them. And also, I do still stream all of my specific Champs ladder matches. I had planned to try and stream some of the playoff matches, but alot of them fall during the day when I am at work, so no luck on those.You can find my matches on my YouTube channel or on my Twitch Channel.


Hi, I had a look into it.

You went afk during a match that was being live streamed by your opponent via twitch.
During the match communication was evident from you to your opponent.
An email was sent to you at the time & you replied directly to that email.

Considering these points i'm afraid the ban is to be upheld.

sorry your thread got hijacked.

We are in transition with filling the void atm & have had several broadcasts for this season so far.

These 2 guys are worth a watch!

I'm happy to support streaming PC playoff games if needed, I will keep an eye out in the forums and Any of you can contact me in discord if I'm needed