Dear Devs, can we PLEASE get camera lock targeting mode for mouse users ?

Why do you torment us with console workaround called "target lock" ? This is console-only thing, it exists because gamepads are essentially a piece of junk for character control and aiming.

We use mouse to POINT into the direction where we want our actions to go, character be facing to and our moves to be relative to. It's simple, precise and fast. It's natural and one would think obvious (?). Essentially like in "target lock" BUT not fixed on a single target. We expect it to be fixed on the center of the screen that remains controllable with a MOUSE, all the time.

How hard is it to realize that ? Why is something that was an elementary level of common sense before xbox (and every self respecting TPP game was like that) - is so hard to realize/comprehend now ? Why do you force us to cycle between targets/subtargets, when we could just use bloody damn mouse for that ? It would work /so well/ in Surge (though the same applies to Nioh, all DSes and so on).

Please give an option to replace "target lock" with "camera lock" (keep the unlocked mode as it is for general movement/travel). Or add it as a separate keybind cycling between unlocked and camera_locked mode.

This is obviously relevant to both Surge 1 and Surge 2 - though the former just got a new dose of meaningless gamepad micromanagement after the latest DLC's gangbang arenas - there is literally nothing more frustrating than being force to either a) use cumbersome character-relative behavior b) torment of cycling between targets / cores / hands / legs / etc. - when we could just USE DAMN MOUSE TO POINT IN THE APPROPRIATE DIRECTION).

And this would require near no developer work - the same character behavior as in target lock, just using camera center as a point of reference instead of arbitrary target.


Hey there,

Thanks for the feedback here, I've passed it along to the dev team.

Some Korean tab-target MMOs figured this out years ago by soft locking the closest enemy vaguely in the direction player was looking, like Blade & Soul.
Youtube Video

I'd love if souls-like games started moving away from target lock crutch, games like Vindictus and TERA didn't have it, but I also realistically understand that:
a. Souls-likes are expected to include the established tropes, bonfire infinite enemy respawns, souls recovery on death, enemies getting way cooler movesets than the player - they get to do the awesome windmill shredding combo series while player has to roll away, wait for stamina to recharge and get a couple pokes inbetween windmills, etc.
and b. PC market is too small market so it's expected to be crossplatform and gamepads don't have easy way to aim fast.