ECant finish a MP Game Xbox one

Awesome Game i Love it but i got a slight problem.

Everytime i Search a ranked match it takes ages to find Somebody and if i manage to find Somebody i get a Client Disconnect After a few turns..that really Hurts After 20 min of gameplay...

I got good Internet(100k) ,and an Open nat.
Gamertag:MaK eleven

Thx for this awesome Game again...

Btw Xbox Players shall Add me, maybe i can finally Finish a Game then

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Hey there,

By client disconnect, you mean that the other player is leaving, right?

Not Sure, but i they just Quittung on me or what?

@makarius420 what time zone are you in? I'm on xbox GreySeerMatt. I could play this weekend.

Im in europe... Based in Germany...add me if you like and we can play

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Ok I'll add tonight or tomorrow morning. Any day starting Saturday works. I'm EST, so by the time the wife and I get my son in bed you'll be lights out, too.

meaning it'd have to be morning my time.