Can we play multiple squads ?

Hi Guys,
Yesteday, I've just briefly tried the editor, and wanted to begib by recreating some of the most iconic campaigns from the original SH. Most of these original scenarios are using 2 squads of terminator, but I couldn't find a way to setup this in the editor.
Is there a way to create a scenario involving 10 terminators separated in 2 squads ? (or even just 1 big squad of 10 terminators ? )

Hi there,

Unfortunately, we can't create a scenario involving 10 terminators seperated in 2 squads or in a big squad at the moment.

Thanks for the reply.
That's a bit dissapointing, but hopefully, we'll see this option added later...
Also, if this will be possible at some point, I would like to see the Vents rules added to the game... I would love to recreate the Defilment of Honor campaign, which is probably one of the best mini campaign for SH.