Overwatch is OP...in how Genestealers respond

Meaning they won't rush me. If I have a marine on overwatch, locking down a hall, the stealer blips will move up to a point just before they enter his LOS, then stop. And they'll stay there the entire game and bottleneck up and my guys win the scenario with only a few shots fired.

The game overall is great. And maps that force me to go on the offensive rather than just turtle up don't see this issue occur as frequently. But c'mon devs. The stealers should be willing to throw bodies at my marines until the terminator misses, or his bolter jams. Then they swamp him. Or try. That's their base tactic.

Why is the AI so afraid to lose any stealers at all? And can this be addressed?

Happens to me aswell, pretty boring

Never Mind. Just saw the post about the upcoming patch and also the original reasoning behind why the genestealers aren't as aggressive you might expect early in the campaign -- meant to give players time to become accustomed to controlling a squad.

While I can understand what you meant to do, I'm glad the patch with mitigate that somewhat.