Hi everyone,

Space Hulk: Tactics released two days ago and we’d like to extend a huge thank to all of you who played and posted feedback about the game. We’re closely monitoring your reports on Steam, the official forums, and social networks to develop patches answering your requests.

You’ll find below our take on the main feedback we’ve received.

We’ve read a lot of comments about the AI of the game, especially in the campaign. Space Hulk: Tactics’ campaigns are meant to slowly introduce players to the mechanics of the game. The first missions feature a less aggressive AI to give time to new commanders to learn to control a terminator squad. The further you progress through the campaign, the more risks the AI take and it quickly starts to become aggressive, as you would expect a Genestealer pack to be.

Of course, it doesn’t mean the AI is perfect and we’re working hard on your reports to improve it. You can count on the Genestealers to be more aggressive in many situations after a first update next week!

The frequency and variety of the mini-skirmishes in the campaigns will also be tweaked as some of you reported some issues on that front.

We’d also like to come back on the mechanics of the macro map in the campaigns as we’ve seen some reports about the map being smaller than expected. The macro map brings an additional layer to the campaign with optional story elements, events, and loot.


The big points in the maps are the main missions and the other nodes are smaller encounters that flesh out your progression through the campaign. Note that a node can also be empty. It’s up to you to either rush from one mission to another by taking the shorter path, or explore the macro map to collect optional bonuses and fight mini skirmishes.

Once you’ve finished a main story mission, it will unlock a new portion of the macro map. The map you see at the end of the first mission is only a small part of the overall map of the Space Hulk you’ll visit. The Blood Angels campaign features 13 main missions, as well as 4 optional ones depending on your choices, and the Genestealers campaign features 9 missions in which you face Ultramarines, Dark Angels and Space Wolves squads.

Some of you posted some requests to speed up the overall pace of the game. We understand your feedback on that side as well and we’re working on various options to increase the pace of the game both in singleplayer and multiplayer. More about that soon as we plan this update in the coming weeks.

Finally, we’re hard at work on the remaining technical issues. We’ve just created a Beta branch for you to test the latest technical improvements. If you’re experiencing crashes in the campaigns, please try our Beta branch and tell us if it’s smoother.

See you soon for more info,

The Space Hulk: Tactics Team

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