Online multiplayer for ps4

Just wanted a quick clarification if I am missing something. The game clearly advertises 2v2 multiplayer on the playstation network, it is one of the main reasons our group wants to pick it up. But after the first member picked it up he found out that it is really 1v1. So is it 2v2 or 1v1? If 2v2 how do you set up the game? Once again this is for the ps4 version. Thanks for the help

Hi there,

Space Hulk: Tactics is a 1v1 multiplayer game, we're investigating what is displayed on the PlayStation Store Page at the moment.

Thank you for the fast reply. Just checked on the psn store again to make sure I am seeing the right thing. It clearly states in the details section(10th paragraph down)2-2 online play and in a second spot next to the details page, it says 2-2 network players. Trying to figure out how to add pictures to this thread. Should I have the member of our group contact you or the psn store for a refund?

Hey there,

if you'd like a refund, you can ask the PSN Store directly, as that's who you'll need to go through.

The 2-2 means that there's a minimum of two players able to play online, and a maximum of two players that are able to play online. I appreciate that this is confusing, but it's part of the Sony style for game descriptions.

I would not have high hopes you would get your money back, as then everyone would use misunderstanding as a loophole for refunds. they have denied refunds for kids randomly emptying parent wallets before.