k-700 respwan with no claw

just found a k-700 with no loader claw, must be with the new update we had last night

Same for me on PS4. Started after the 1.07 update. Not really a problem unless you're going for "I have all I need" on hardcore or something.


no need for a smart ass,just never found it on the map without its loader,

I didn‘t get your post, that‘s all. No need to be pissed


yea was in a middle of a game, when i posted,

@300six how can u get pissed on small thing like that xd

@zamal you would be amazed about what ridiculous things people get pissed off about on the internet these days 😁

@zamal just because i said there no need for a smart ass, dosent mean im pissed lol

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