Possible Fix To Mitigate Micro-stuttering

Hi, I've recently globally updated my drivers using 3rd-party software and noticed reduction of apparent micro-stuttering. I still notice it, but seems to have been significantly reduced. Windows automatic driver updates seem to not always have the latest updates of every possible component. Hence, I used SDI (Snappy Driver Installer; a free open-source automatic driver-updating software) then IObit Driver Booster 6 (which is a paid service.) I hope I'm not breaching any forum policies mentioning these softwares but I think it might be useful to disclose what I've used (with all the possible interacting systems.) I hope this helps!

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@delta555777 You should probably make it clear that Snappy Driver Installer Origin is the version people should be considering. The lisence for Snappy has changed hands several times now and there are multiple versions that are plauged with malware. Snappy can also break a lot of things if used the wrong way - so while I've certainly found it helpful - it shouldn't be recommended as a straight forward generic 'fix' for Sandstorm preformance issues.

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