Devs, come in here, seriously! (Important notes for corrections on the consoles)

First, sorry for my English.
Second, This text is for the consoles (x1 and ps4)

I bought the game and found it wonderful. But there are things that upset me.

I play in G29, and I know a lot of people play in the wheel. I realized that there is no way to remap buttons and that the manual gearbox only goes up to 6 gear.

Another thing is the Force Feed Back nonexistent, it is wonderful to play in the wheel of this game, but the lack of FFB is annoying.

I know the Devs are working on the game and wanted to leave my voice here and that of thousands of fans of this wonderful game. There are several other things. Please, pay attention to these comments (from the community in general) and I will be glad to advise Brazilian gamers to buy! Thankful!

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Force feedback works fine on my G27.

Have ugot ffb turned on... its in control section on the pause screen...

I usethe g290 and ffb works perfectly

I'm pretty sure you can remap buttons too.

I forgot to mention that these problems are in the consoles. I'll correct the text

edit: nevermind.

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@storkjs Hi there,

Are you using your G29 on Xbox One? We're currently aware of a force feedback issue there, and it's currently on our list of issues that need addressing.

@iyagovos Good news! I play with the G29 on PS4 Pro. It's quite frustrating to play without the force feed back and the gearshift does not have all the gears or some way to get them all through the gearbox (eg in the Euro truck, trucks with 16 marches has a knob that you tighten on the steering wheel and it selects the 1st gear as the 7th, so all other successive ones go to the 12th). Not having how to configure some things in the buttons of the steering wheel is also very annoying .. Great to know that they are taking things into account and what we say, because the game is excellent. Thank you!

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