No stepsound behind you!

I dont know if this already got adressed, but...
If you walk or sit or whatever, you can't hear the sound of footsteps direktly behind you 😕

please fix!

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Its adressed. Its because in Sandstorm they do not render enemies/teammates that is not in your vision.
That removed the soundscape as well and the developers know and are working on it.

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@Pacalis yea i thought so too
but I didnt see it in the known issues so,...


Yeah, I don't know how that works, known issues is definitely not updated on everything. My source is the weekly Q&A on youtube, addressing questions between NWI and us all, but I'd rather have a complete log to look at myself, because the youtube Q&A is a pain to watch lasting forever and having repeating video loops and similar questions=)

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