May We Have An Explanation For The HUD?

I love this game. Thank you so much for making it.

Most of the HUD is self explanatory or easy enough to figure out with some trial and error but my friends and I are still struggling to figure out what some of the information means on the top right.

While playing on XBox ONE and viewing the game in either First Person or Isometric and having the small version of the map on the top right of your screen, underneath this there is a sympol that looks like a Video Camera that is activated by pushing Left on the D-Pad (It's also just above the "X-Button" for activating your scanner with a prompt for "Up on the D-Pad" giving you Assymetrical View).

I can't find an Online Manual that explains the full workings of the HUD. I know the Developers put it all there for a reason... is there an Online Manual somewhere that explains this or barring that perhaps this wants adding to the "How To Play" Sticky?

Thanks in advance.


I think the camera stands for "follow the action", e.g. when active, if your marine is attacked by a genestealer, the camera will switch to the action

I also just registered to ask for this. We need a manual. Not everyone knows the board game's original rules (I know, I'm a heretic). Some things have to be learned by trial and error and with such a slow pace in the game it is a real pain and not fun to find out things this way. Please create some hover-over info for EVERY symbol there is and doors, rubble and so on.

Hey there,

We're working on this sort of thing currently - what would you like to see specifically?

Great to hear you're working on a HUD explanation and / or Manual.

I would like to see the HUD explained. You could expand the existing "How To Play" Sticky with something that just covers every symbol and what it means. This would be a huge help.

For Gameplay it would be great to have an explanation of terrain and how it works. Explanation of Orc Traps and hazards and an explanation of Aeldari Warp Gates and other features (it was nice to be told that the Tactical View would show me how the Warp Gates were connected... but I could have used the information before the Gene Stealers used them to flank and carve up my Space Marine Squad... I got the prompt as my squad was reduced to one).

An explanation of the characters and a little basic strategy wouldn't go amiss either. I know without having even used one that a Heavy Flamer may be used to control an area by filling it with deadly flame... However the Librarian's psychic powers are a mystery to me and if I got given one in a quick match I'm not really sure what to do with him because I don't know how he works.

To those who played the Tabletop this game must be a thing of beauty and having you explain the difference between a Gene Stealer and a Brood Lord must seem like teaching people to suck eggs.

However for those who haven't been fully immersed in the Table Top then an explanation of what the characters powers and abilities are isn't so much teaching us to suck egges as it is explaining how a Rook moves differently to a Knight or a Bishop in Chess.

It's a beautiful and great game and this information will go a long way to making it accessible to as large an audience as possible so that the Community may grow.

What Azrael said (how do doors, terrain, and so on work). How many dice are rolled for attacks / defence and so on. Basic rules!

Oh, and things like "What happens if a Terminator dies". I was super afraid of losing all upgrades (which felt unfair) when losing a marine and always saved / loaded until I realized that you don't seem to lose upgrades and so on if a Certain marine dies (correct me if I am wrong, because there is no info on that too).