Some feedback after 140hours

Firstly i want to say as a whole i love the game and am addicted.
40 hours from the closed alpha and 100 hours from the beta.

The sounds, the guns, the ttk, the dismemberment, its all so raw and gritty and I love it.
Unfortunately when the above is done so well it makes the other things stand out like dogs balls.

The lobby to the game has your character standing there with no human movement and he looks like an 18yo ready for his first day of boot-camp wearing a freshly pressed uniform.
Have you ever seen a wet behind the ear 18yo try and wear a mans beard?.....exactly
The last thing that comes to my mind is "raw and gritty".

The characters need age, need scars (like they've been through some shit), need face camo, give them a gun to hold, maybe let them sit down with a cigarette in their mouth, some skin that looks like its been at sea for 100 years, something.

The character look also flows through to the game and the animations (which has been bought up so i wont repeat whats been said).
I just need to see more raw and grounded animations that doesn't pull me away from the immersion.

The other areas of them game that are hindering my replay-ability are;

1: Community
You enter a game with randoms, if you use the radio, you can't identify who's talking. so you either have to introduce yourself (which is weird) or you play the whole game not really knowing who's who on'y to be booted out at the end to put in another game full of randoms. i mean wheres the community building aspect of the game?

Make peoples name come up when they talk on the radio and then let everyone vote for the next map at the end of the game. If you play with the same people for a whole night you can make friends and friendships build communities.

2: Content
Even with 6 maps i don't feel like there is enough content for the game at full launch.
I've heard some people say add Ambush. (never played it so wont comment).

but the most common fps game mode is BattleRoyale.
(I've played pubg, roe, cod4, fortnite)

So here's my pitch on an insurgencySS style BR.
TLDR; squads enter safe-house objectives to survive each "zone", there's always less safe-house objectives than teams alive each zone until 1 team is left.

Only 4-man squads.
same insurgency role layout, 1 sniper, 2 rifle, 1 breacher.
no jumping out of a plane/bus, either pick you spawn location like roe, or its randomly computer generated.
you are security, everyone else looks like insurgents.
count down timer between each "zone"

yes you can be knocked and revived by a team mate. you can be revived once before getting "resupplied"

so the way the "zone" works is after your team is spawned, objectives will appear on the map, the obj will be a "safe house" there will be many objectives, so if 12 teams are spawned, maybe 8 objectives.
You need to take control of an objective before the (a10 raid, nerve gas whatever) comes and wipes out everyone left outside.
Next wave there's 8 teams and 4 objectives, then 4 teams and 1 objective etc.
(numbers can be tweaked but you get the idea).

After each (a10 raid/nerve gas wave) a resupply crate opens up inside the objective, you can change role, resupply etc, get full health and get your 1 knock per life back.

The game ends when there's 1 team left. which could be before anyone even reaches the last obj depending on your strategy.

To have it on such a big scale you would have to make a new map, but maybe trial on a smaller scale with 8 teams 3 obj, then 3 teams 1 obj next wave would work on a current map like hideout or crossing.

So that's my idea for some extra content, all you BR haters give me your best shot. (it's not a typical BR though...)

The main reason for this post is to say "even when all the bugs and optimization is fixed there just isn't enough substance to keep me playing".
I tried to give you an idea on something that hopefully adds to the game.
Thanks for reading.

PS: (why after 140 hours is this my only feedback, it's not I've done others, but i felt that all the other problems are known and are being worked on or have been mentioned or aren't as significant. I believe player models, community building and content are the most important things for the game to succeed and grow.)
(optimization and bug fixes is a given, did u really want another thread on that?)

This is a way beter br mode you are talking about. I would love to see that game mode in sandstorm. Especially with loadouts that you create before you spawn so it isn't luck based.

CoD4 doesn't have a battle royale mode...