[Xbox One] looking for people to play thread

Hey there,

I figured since its hard to find people atm, we could drop our gamertags in here and add bunch of people to play with.

GT: MaK eleven


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What for? Game bugs HARD on multiplayer... opponents lag out constantly... lose a match with 4 Terminators still alive because on your opponents screen he has slain them all... game is BRoKeN for multiplayer. BROKEN

Gamertag is my name here. You can add me if you like (just send a message it's for "Space Hulk").

I'm pretty sure the Discord stuff is for the same sort of thing and you can always use the "Looking For Group" features.

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The LFG in discord is Dead...we need a club going

Join ‘space hulk tactics Xbox community’. Has a few members at the moment but we need to grow and bring the community together, the more players in one place the better