I've been playing blood bowl for over 40 years it was my first board game follow right away by space hulk. Games workshop games are my favorite computer games as well. I can't understand why we can't get the option to form and play our own teams for a single player league or do what we have always been doing, we have 8 guys on 4 computers for our game nights. It's really frustrating because this could easily be the best hot seat game ever. I really like playing my own single player leagues as you get to get used to the different type of teams much faster and I'm much better than the AI and the rolls would be true not the 1/3 of 1% chance rolls I get vs the computer all the time. It' s too the point I can't play the single player offline mode I know most people like joining the multiplayer leagues but the ones that don't like that should have the option to enjoy the game too.