Contest for NA people. 3 copies are up for grabs.

Contest starts today and will wrap up on Oct. 29th, with winners announced on the 30th. Unfortunately, I have to limit this first contest to NA people only.

The rules are simple. Write an ORIGINAL "S.T.A.L.K.E.R./FTW" inspired short story. The 3 best win. Myself and 1 other person will decide who the winners are. Obviously, if only 3 people present stories, they will automatically win. Hopefully there will be more.

The copies will be awarded through STEAM. I am paying for them out of my own pocket.

Looking forward to reading some good short stories.

To the mods, if you see people posting off topic, trying to be ignorant, please, feel free to delete any posts that are not relevant to the contest. Thanks.

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Well, my native language being French I don't think I stand a chance.

This contest is for people in North America, not the EU. The next one that I do will have prizes for people in the EU, but right now, we need more NA players.

It was a winter.. dark, cold and dirty from muds
He woke up in a tiny shad, naked, wet, nothing but a gun in his hand
He stook, took the gun, wore clothes and put a coat on him than he left
But Hey ! there is someone overthere..(footsteps)
there is someone here ? WHO IS IT he yelled
From nowhere a little boy with a blue baseball cap on his head that was belong to his father came out from the shadows but it was so quick he couldnt knew it was a kid ! he was too scared from the sounds so he took the gun with no fear aimed to the dark wide forest and shot constantly
then It was at this moment that he knew He fucked up.

So because I speak french you think I'm from EU? LOL!

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