Pistol as main weapon

There are some people that preffer playing with only a pistol to be fast and there is a problem right now, if you wan't to play that fast loadout even with a light backpack you only get 3 mags, i think you should get more (5 on light and 7 on heavy) but only if you don't use a AR as main weapon.

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I don't think the game should be balanced in a way, that makes pistols viable as a main weapon. That breaks immersion and makes the game not believable. Pistol is supposed be a secondary weapon.

This is ofc only an opinion.

I agree with Jensiii about that. I do feel like the level of detail put into the pistols including the compensated mod options gives the impression of birthing an action hero. I know I feel like one when I equip a compensator. It is just one of the many small details I enjoy about this game that are not intended to be a focal point.

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I'll miss just taking a Makarov into a Coop fight as much as the next guy. Nothing beat that added challenge in the other game... but it just doesn't fit anymore. And even if you had more ammo, the pistols just don't feel the same as in the old game.

I would take 2-mag Ins2 makarov over any of the current pistols. If I had access to the Ins2 makarov with 5 mags, I would genuinely prefer that to most primaries in this game. It's sad how much the lethality has been reduced. It feels more like CoD4 hardcore mode than Insurgency Source now.

Pistols should of course not be as good as bigger weapons, but you should be able to get more magazines. Breachers and Demolitions guys could also get more IEDs/C4s/Rocket Launchers with them if they arm themselves only with a pistol.

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i loved the days in INS2 where pistols were basically almost as good as any other rifle. All you needed was a good aim and a fast trigger finger and you could compete with nerds with proper guns. Now you have no mags and you need a whole mag to kill somebody anyway. useless. still my opinion but what is bad about buffing pistols, just makes more viable guns available.

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what is bad about buffing pistols, just makes more viable guns available.

Pistol cowboys break immersion. Pistol is called SECONDARY not PRIMARY in the game.

@jensiii I mean, Sandstorm is somewhat-based off of Ins2014, and pistol-only was a viable strategy in that game. Dumb as it sounds, it's one of the biggest reasons I got into Insurgency: Source.

I'm all for buffing pistols and increasing the mag capacity. It especially makes Security pistols unbalanced with the L106A1 getting 40 rounds of basically-.45ACP rounds and the Glock 17 getting 66 fucking bullets without any ammo rigs while my M9 gets 60 rounds with a Heavy Carrier and is considerably worse than the L106A1.

Just don't make pistols outperform primary weapons and I'll be happy.

@marksmanmax, sounds dumb but was a huge amount of fun. and it wasn't immersion breaking because they were still worse but in the right hands could do some damage. they shouldn't be as good as primary but still good. not 6 shot kills lol

There should be pistol only game mode modifiers for this. I get super annoyed when I see a teammate intentionally reducing our team's combat effectiveness. I understand that a lot of players like pistols, so allowing them to have their own place to do handguns only games could make everyone happy.

@jballou Running only a pistol means the guy has like zero weight, and you run like Sonic at that point.


Sometimes I enjoy customizing a good pistol and then throwing the rest into explosives. I find it to be an effective loadout depending on the map of course.

I've had multiple games where i can go 45+/1 KD with just a fully modded M005, heavy carry, heavy armor. There's no "reduction in combat effectiveness" when someone decides to do a pistol challenge. Me and my discord group routinely do this challenge and absolutely OWN. Bring some incendiaries along for the explosive capture points, and we mop up the map every time. Well.....at least in Co-op. We never play pvp.

I was on a co-op server maybe a month ago and there was a player using only a pistol who was leading the scoreboard by a mile. I certainly won't say it can't be an effective strategy.

I don't think pistols need to be buffed specifically to make them viable as primaries, if someone wants to do it they should know they're using a less effective weapon. But if someone runs without a rifle it makes perfect sense to allow them to take more pistol mags.

M16A4 is essentially an OP pistol in single shot with a huge magazine if you look at it that way, very fun weapon to play with, my favourite (though I prefer burst mode). If you want pistols to be viable without making it less realistic, I have no idea how you can do that. Pistols are very weak in reality compared to rifles etc. so as long as there is armour in the game and you choose to shoot center mass they will never be anything more than a secondary if you want to use the most efficient weapon.

On the other hand, even with 3 mags available for your pistol you should be able to kill at least 3 enemies with good aim, after that you can resupply or swap weapon with a fallen enemy if you live long enough. Rinse and repeat.

In any game if your k:d ≥ 1, you are equal or better than the average player concerning gunplay.

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@lordsiggi Co-op isn't indicative of game balance at all. It's humans versus bots, that says nothing about its effectiveness against other players.

@cyoce The damage models are the same aren't they? A bot wearing heavy armor and a human player wearing heavy armor? Last i checked i thought they were.

@lordsiggi But bots and players aren't the same. The ability to go 45-1 against bots doesn't mean you achieve the same result against players.

oh i 100% agree with you on that hahaha. I got my ass handed to me when i went into pvp. I was more thinking of it from a damage perspective, in regards to being usefull, as opposed to it from a skill-based usefullness. In the right hands, i bet someone could kick ass with a glock in pvp. Provided the damage model is still the same. Idk. Pvp isn't my forte at all lol.