Contratulations for this great game !

Hello devs, wanted to say you thank you and congat ! The game is beautiful and i really enjoy it !
I'm a big fan of Space Hulk Deathwing, and you have made a really nice job to reproduce the tabbletop ! Animations and customisation are really enjoyables !
One question I have neverless is about overwatch. Why not holding it in the next round until player gives the order to remove it ?In Space Hulk Ascension that i've played a lot, this point was treated like this and it was really appreciable to not give the same order each turn.
Many thx and contrats again !

Hey there,

We're very glad to hear that you've been enjoying the game!

Yes game is great. I just hope to see some more factions (and btw ... please DO release Deathwing for XBOX!!!)