1st pre-order I've paged for that's been worth the outlay!...a few oddities though:

Grenades thrown your way don't make noise at all 80% of time, until they go off.

The red directional hit indicator shows up about half the time and there no flash or overall screen reddening for pain...though cant tell if this is because I'm not actually getting hit until dead i.e character yells and slows, but not sure if he's hurt or if it's just close bullet hits.

Inconsistency with some of the narrow concrete barriers not allowing the player to vault unless your a perfect distance away, while most vaults feel a bit more natural. I recognize its a balance though..i.e COD's knife animation taking over and killing anyone within 3 meters, and basically playing for you vs. A sense of natural movement.

Sound on rifles cutting out after artillery or mortar barrage.

This may be more gameplay, as not sure if the sounds are still coming: The zip or crash effect of bullets hitting near a player doesn't have the same intensity of insurgency, you don't feel as vulnerable, the games still intense but not quite to the same stress inducing level that makes you go, "holy crap that was close".

Some wider variation in bot pathfinding and camping would be great.

Again though, super impressed overall and happy someone is carrying the old school Ghost Recon, R6, MOH torch of good gameplay, balanced with fairly good realism, high intensity, and a level playing field from a gear point of view.