Is there an ETA on when the Stupid AI will be fixed. Here is what has happened to me so far:

  1. Shot through wall by AI spraying on the other side.
  2. Sniped across the map by AI with Assault Rifle (when i mean across the map i mean even my 7x scope could barely see him).
  3. Sniper by AI on Mounted Machine Turret on the back of truck when i had other teammates shooting at him & i wasn't shooting at all.
  4. When you shoot all AI are focused on you & no one else.
  5. Had an AI not even looking at me snap to my head & shot me 1 shot kill.
  6. Had AI walk through a door & some how know where your at in a corner & kill me.

Honestly i have played many other games with AI & so far this game is the worst. The AI are so skilled they are better then real players. Also the Team Killing needs to be fixed. From what i have noticed is you can kill the same guy over & over again & still be set on 1 of 3 before being kicked for team killing. LIKE WTF is that crap. I played for an hour where i had to TK the same guy b/c he kept team killing b/c he wanted my gun. There needs to be an Vote Kick Function.

My Thoughts on what needs to be worked on the most:

  1. AI need reworked. The latest update made the AI so bad its insane.
  2. Vote Kick Function. (Had players who would go AFK as last alive then come back for a few seconds just to go AFK again),
  3. Team Killing needs fixed so if you kill 3 people no matter if its the same person or not you should be kicked & given a timed ban from playing online. TKing is the worst part of this game b/c if someone doesn't get what they want like a class they will TK you till you leave or make it so you can't get any points.
  4. Sounds. Not sure if its just me but i have noticed sometimes that my gun sound won't make any noise but if i switch to my pistol i can hear it.
  5. Did i mention the AI being reworked???

If your asking well if the AI are so bad go play against real players. Not a big fan unless i'm playing with a friend. Also spawn camping is a think against real players. Had it happen a lot. Also had people TKing a lot in that as well.