ADS sway

Realistically only the back or the front of the gun should sway around when on low stamina/suppressed. Likewise, recoil should only push the front of the gun upwards, not the entire gun and camera.

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Remove sway entirely, please. This game doesn't need RNG deciding fights for the players.

@cyoce So you’d rather people sprinting and being able to quickly snapshot someone from 150 yards away?

There is already a feature to temporarily remove sway for accurate long range shots.

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Does the current sway stop any of you from sprinting and then snap shooting someone? Because that's what I do now, so while I think sway is a good thing it's not doing much to stop me quick scoping 🙂

@tooth-decay Yes. I'd prefer that to RNG. But there are other ways to fix that issue. For example, what about increasing ADS time when sprinting?