Cards always in the same order??

I was thinking that the cards you get when you start a battle are randomized from your stack. However I always get "Ejection Port Checked", "Steady Hand" and "Double Dose".

Is this "works as designed"?

Edit: I had this hand at least twice in a row as I was actively checking (but I know for sure that "Ejection Port Checked" was always the first card, but did not check the other two). Now, after the update I had today, the cards are different? I doubt this was coincidence, so were there some changes regarding cards?

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Hello, do you reload the same save each time?
The dices in solo are defined at the launch of the mission so it's intended to always get the same cards if you load at the beginning of the mission.

no, it was between missions (each different mission had the same starting hand)

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I have again (at least) twice the same starting hand in different missions (Ejection Port Checked, Steady Hand, Ejection Port Checked) Team setup is the same though.

Again: is this intended?

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