So I've noticed some things in the editor that I believe should be addressed.

  1. There's no option to place dead marines as interactables. For example I've been trying to recreate some of the classic Space Hulk missions, and for one the objective is to use a heavy flamer on a dead Techmarine... but there's no interactable for that... or objective option to flame (or kill) a specific object/creature.

  2. No option to lower/raise blip count... for that same mission the blip count is limited to 2 per turn, but the map has 6 spawn points, which means 6 blips. I can't see any way to restrict (or add) the amount of blips spawned per turn.

  3. Maybe I just don't see this one, but for opponents I don't see a way to make a team of just Genestealers... other biomorphs are always listed as in the squad.

  4. Just a request, if/when you add more Chapters, I'd like to see Imperial Fists.

That's all, I hope this helps somewhat.