Quick Start Guide - Symbols

Dear all,

It’s been a week since the release of Space Hulk: Tactics. We want to thank you for all your support and feedback. Today, we’d like to share with you a guide to some in-game symbols to give you a quick reference so that you can easily start creating your own strategies as the Terminators or Genestealers.

Please find below the details.

There are 2 factions, and 4 chapters for the Terminator faction.

0_1539707061529_chapters new.png

You can customize your own squad or swarm.

0_1539708786133_class new.png

The Terminators have ten weapons available. All of them are for a specific class.

0_1539708746821_weapons new.png

HUD icons

Terminator Deployment


Terminator Objective


Genestealer Spawn Points


Genestealer Objective


Overwatch is a defense ability that allows the Terminators to react to a Genestealers movement.


The card system allows flexibility in your strategy.


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Shouldn't the "spawns a miasmic" picture show the backbones of a miasmic? It looks like a normal genestealer (one of the two pics)

What we also need is basic rules like how does line of sight work, can a Terminator attack in melee diagionally, how do enemies spawn (I get the feeling that it costs them resources to change the spot where the genestealers spawn, but that is just a feeling).

Especially line of sight is something that I don't want to find out via trial and error. (shooting straight works of course but if you are in a corridor looking at a corridor that is orthogonal to the first with big rooms adjacent I got some fields in Overwatch that I wouldn't have thought covered by it.)

Or that you seem to be able to oopen doors diagonally but not use computers diagonally?

@foraiur Thank you for that! It's already fixed.

Nice addition. Looking forward to a full HUD explanation. Fantastic game. I love it. Thanks again for making it.

And why can‘t I spawn stuff next to my broodlord anymore? Does he lose that ability when I use his „teleport“ once? It is really frustrating ... 😕 It is s till a nice game, I hope it gets a decent manual.

Which types of doors can be destroyed by genestealers, and when? Just ran up in a mission where a Librarian (secondary objective) is surrounded by 3 doors that show the yellow computer symbol / red door. So only 1 door to get to him and he has 7 fields of overwatch ... impossible? I destroyed computer consoles because I thought that might open the doors but nothing happened when the consoles were destroyed.

How does the mechanic work that blocks genestealer spawn points? I was very close with a marine but still something spawned and killed me. Do I have to look into its direction?